Middle School Open House - October 15, 2022

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For students entering 6th grade-High School this fall.

Welcome to the Menagerie Fleet!  The Menagerie Fleet is an innovative live-action roleplaying program created by Multiverse Menagerie Games – a collective dedicated to creating transformative experiences through immersive theater and interactive storytelling.

Designed to foster self-confidence and build interpersonal connections, Menagerie games teach students about ecology and the natural world while taking them on unforgettable adventures through realms of magic and mystery.

Starting with Worldbuilding 101, this program will lead campers through three separate mini-arcs that will culminate in an all-day adventure and graduation ceremony on Saturday, August 6!

Campers are required to EITHER have previous LARP experience with Arin Dineen or attend a Character Design Workshop (Sunday prior to camp week, 2pm-4:30pm) to attend other Menagerie Camps.

CAMP TIMES: Monday through Friday 9am-3pm. Beforecare (8am-9am) and Aftercare (3pm-5:30pm) is available for an additional charge.

COST: Menagerie Fleet Camps are $285 per week. ECECD subsidies accepted. Apply online for Financial Aid.

Week 4 – Worldbuilding 101

July 11 – July 15 CAMP IS FULL

Option to be added to the waitlist is available on our registration form

Character creation week for the Fleet Academy games.

Campers who are planning to play a character they have played in a previous Menagerie Fleet LARP are not required to attend this week, but it is highly recommended.

Through art, costume-building, storytelling, creative movement, and roleplay, students in this program will design and embody the characters and creatures of the Multiverse. Along with game design, students will also learn roleplay basics such as effective communication, boundary setting, and personal safety as well as building costumes, props, and kid-safe foam weapons. Lead Teacher: Arin Dineen

Week 5 – Venture Academy: Mischief Determined

July 18 – July 22

This year’s Cadets are settling into their bunks, and classes have gotten off to a great start! But watch out– rumor has it a mischievous trickster recently escaped from the Archive…

It’s time for a new class of Cadets to arrive on the MSS Determination – the space station headquarters of the Menagerie Fleet, as well as the location of the Menagerie Academy and the Living Archive. Cadets will start their Menagerie careers with magical theory, defensive combat, and classes such as ‘Interspecies Communication’, ‘Arts & Scoutcraft’, and ‘History of Known Worlds’. The week will conclude with a ‘Field Test’ – a full-day adventure out in nature!

Lead Teacher: Arin Dineen

Week 6 – Venture Academy: Matsuri Mayhem

July 25 – July 29 

Beware of Yokai! The Festival of Lights is about to begin, but some pesky Yokai have stolen the sacred drum.  Can the Cadets save the festival before it’s too late?!

Cadets receive their Venture Crew assignments and travel to the magical world of Sekai, where they will interact with the spirits and legends of Japanese folklore. Cadets will take classes on real-world Japanese language and history, and learn cultural activities such as dances, calligraphy, cooking, and explore Sekai on our field days! Lead Teacher: Arin Dineen

Week 7 – Venture Fleet: Lightning and Rain

August 1 – August 5 CAMP IS FULL

Option to be added to the waitlist is available on our registration form

This week will contain some scary moments and themes of war. Restricted to students entering 8th grade and up.

Some sort of monster has been terrorizing the campus of St. Fae’s School for the Arcane and Supernatural, and it’s up to the Venture Crew to save the day!

Steampunk meets solar power in this New Mexico themed adventure. The week will include time studying local ecology in the field, as well as classes on real-world solar powered technology and sustainable farming practices.

Limited to 12 players.

Lead Teacher: Arin Dineen