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We all have cherished memories of sharing a meal with the people we care about. A common thread weaving through all the memories is often a special dish we share together. Whether it’s that perfect cup of hot chocolate, the ultimate mashed potatoes, Christmas morning crepes, or grandma’s famous lemon bars. We all have that recipe that instantly makes us feel HOME.

Thanks to our Arts & Sciences community, we have created our first fundraiser cookbook that is now available to be shared with YOU!

Why? Because food. Food is awesome. Here at Arts & Sciences we love sharing food with friends, families, teachers and staff. Recipes are a guide to happiness. A road-map to fellowship. An artifact of past enjoyment… a memory to be shared.

Through your donation, we can continue to run our school and support families who need financial aid during these challenging times.  

Order your cookbook(s) HERE. Shipping fee is automatically included to your purchase.  If you prefer to pick up the cookbook on a materials pickup date, please use the promo code: PICKUP

Thank you for supporting Arts & Sciences! If you have any questions, please contact  For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Perli Cunanan, our Executive Director,