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Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences is an independent expeditionary learning school in Santa Fe, New Mexico, serving 135 students in Preschool through 8th grade.


Our mission is to achieve academic excellence in an environment of respect, inclusion and diversity, utilizing expeditionary learning, global perspectives and a multicultural art and science enriched curriculum.



Each child’s talents are fully developed leading to a lifelong passion for learning and exploration in a caring environment, where each child has opportunities for self-expression and growth. The school exemplifies and encourages the values of compassion, leadership, world citizenship and service.







Expeditionary learning is an approach that combines rigorous academic content and real world projects, called "learning expeditions" with character development and community service. Teachers at EL Education schools receive intensive professional development in curriculum and teaching practices and are able to model ongoing learning to their students.

EL Education schools create a culture of respect and high expectations for staff and students alike. One of the hallmarks of the EL Education model is an emphasis on high quality student work that inspires craftsmanship and deeper learning. Building a culture of reflection, critique and revision leads students to create better work. This work is created in in-depth, interdisciplinary learning expeditions, which require students to engage in sophisticated research, use the community in authentic ways, and represent their knowledge with high quality products which are presented to authentic audiences. The energy and sustained creativity of the staff is what helps make an EL Education school successful.




The dedicated volunteer members of our Board of Directors oversee our school’s policies and are the guardians of our mission and vision.  The Board meets regularly, and is happy to provide access to Board Meeting Minutes.