Middle School Admissions - Deadline February 16

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Register HERE for After Care or After School Enrichment Programs. Additional offerings coming soon!

Art Studio with Arin

For 5th-8th Grade

Calling all artists! Whether you’re working on building a portfolio for high school, or just want to improve your technique, the Artist’s workshop is a great place to hone your skills. Arin will guide students through a variety of projects exploring different techniques, materials, and themes in a small class with lots of time for critique and one-on-one advice. 

Fall Session: Aug 25-Dec 15 Weds 3:45-5:00 $300

Dungeons & Dragons Club

For 5th-8th Grade
Join gamemaster Arin on an epic adventure that will take you from the far reaches of outer space to the darkest dungeons in this fantasy role-playing game! Students create characters and work together to tell a collaborative story using the D&D game system. D&D is a wonderful tool for students to build communication skills, explore their identity through playing different characters, and work together as a team with their peers – all while adventuring through a magical world!
(FULL) Fall Session Tuesdays Aug 31-Dec 14 3:45-5:00 $300   OR
(FULL) Fall Session Thursdays Aug 26-Dec 16 3:45-5:00 $300

Wednesday Soccer Club with Eddy

For 1st-4th Grade

Join Eddy in our after school soccer club! Learn and practice the rules of the game and have fun on our field with your teammates.

Fall Session: Aug 25-Dec 15 Weds 3:45-5:00 $320