Middle School Admissions - Deadline February 16

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Main Office: 505-438-8585

Fax: 505-438-0080


Mailing Address:

5912 Jaguar Drive

Santa Fe, NM 87507



Main office: office@santafeschool.org

Admissions office: admissions@santafeschool.org



Cynthia DelBello, Admissions Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator: cynthia@santafeschool.org

Debbie McFarland, Bookkeeper: debbie@santafeschool.org

Elisa Boyles, Director of Admissions: elisa@santafeschool.org

Elli Hindmarch, School Administrator: elli@santafeschool.org

Gina Kinstle, Program Assistant: gina@santafeschool.org

Perli Cunanan, Executive Director: perli@santafeschool.org

Todd Stiewing, Principal: todd@santafeschool.org


Adelyn Smith, Middle School Math and Science Teacher: adelyn@santafeschool.org

Amy Anderson, Unicorn Preschool/Pre-K Assistant Teacher: amy@santafeschool.org

Andrew Lescht, Centaur 3rd & 4th grade Teacher: andrew@santafeschool.org

Arin Dineen, Middle School Fine Art & Moving Images Teacher: arin@santafeschool.org

Aurora Rose Hvidsten: Unicorn Preschool/Pre-K Teacher, RIM Afterschool Lead Teacher: aurora@santafeschool.org

Austin Stockwell, Unicorn Preschool/Pre-K Assistant Teacher & 6th-8th grade Aftercare Teacher: austin@santafeschool.org

Avery Armstrong, 3rd-8th Elementary/Middle School Drama Teacher, Reading is Magic Teacher: avery@santafeschool.org

Cassandra Perez, 3rd-8th grade American Sign Language Teacher: cassandra@santafeschool.org

Chintan Kess, Stargazer 1st & 2nd grade Teacher, Summer Camp Director: chintan@santafeschool.org

Eddy Segura, Physical Education Teacher & Facilities Director: eddy@santafeschool.org

Joseph Smith, Middle School English Teacher: joseph@santafeschool.org

Lani Ersfeld, Spanish Teacher & Aftercare Teacher: lani@santafeschool.org

Leilani Maloney, Stargazer 1st & 2nd grade Assistant Teacher, K-2nd Drama Teacher & RIM Afterschool Teacher: leilani@santafeschool.org

Liza Stanton Hitt, Grasshopper Kindergarten Teacher: liza@santafeschool.org

Matthew Burke-Newsum, Badger 5th & 6th grade Teacher: matt@santafeschool.org

Nate Moore, Middle School Math & Science Teacher, Middle School Coordintor: nate@santafeschool.org

Ronny Beeman, K-6th Art Teacher, Centaur 3rd & 4th grade Assistant Teacher: ronny@santafeschool.org

Stephanie Carter: School Counselor stephaniec@santafeschool.org

Stephanie Smith, Unicorn Preschool/Pre-K Assistant Teacher, Afterschool Coordinator/Teacher, Summer Camp Director: stephanie@santafeschool.org

Suzanne Maheshi Shakespeare-Jones, Unicorn PreSchool & Pre-K Teacher, Early Childhood Education Director: suzannem@santafeschool.org

Tatjana Sabo, Middle School History Teacher: tatjana@santafeschool.org

Todd Stiewing, Leadership Teacher & Science Teacher: todd@santafeschool.org