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The CoLab Initiative offers collaborative professional development that cultivates Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills, inspires innovative educational practices and empowers teacher agency, social emotional well-being and systemic change.

The CoLab’s open-ended framework adheres to a human-centered, transformative learning approach that engages individuals in hands-on, arts-based explorations to get at the heart and spirit of what it means to be a teacher; and draws upon the collective knowledge, wisdom and creativity of a diverse group to inspire new perspectives and produce creative solutions to complex problems that stand in the way of positive change.

Although the school’s leadership team will oversee the CoLab Initiative, the active involvement and contribution of participating CoLab Partners will determine the on-going growth and development of the program.

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Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences was founded upon principles of compassion and community service. It is known for its strong social emotional learning practices, educational innovation, and for promoting a learning culture that is character-driven, collaborative and built on the collective wisdom of the school community.

The CoLab Initiative grew out of these same core principles, values and best practices; as well as the school’s desire to extend its service to New Mexico’s broader educational community, starting with early childhood.

This comes at a time when critical teacher training is needed to encourage teacher retention by equipping teachers with the tools they need to support their own social emotional well-being, and meet the social emotional challenges of the children they teach.


The CoLab Initiative supports the cultivation of social emotional learning skills and innovative teaching and learning practices, as participants work together using a variety of innovative methods and structures to support their own professional growth, such as:

  • Shared Leadership that builds on the collective wisdom of the group
  • Reflective Practices that inspire new perspectives and increase meta-cognitive understanding
  • Creative Problem-Solving using Design Thinking strategies to come up with inventive solutions to complicated challenges
  • Hands-On Transformative inquiry activities to reveal new self-understandings and inspire the self-efficacy needed to bring about positive change

The CoLab’s menu of cooperative Professional Development offerings include:


An incubator of pedagogical innovation where a cross-section of educators from New Mexico’s diverse learning communities come together to learn and develop shared, collaborative educational practices. All participants engage in the learning, planning and presentation of course content.

This year-round professional development opportunity will consist of: In-Person Workshops, Virtual Meetings, and a dedicated Discussion Platform.

CEUs and stipends offered for partner participation.


Flexible workshop frameworks and training modules that can be adapted to meet specific program needs, in collaboration with our educational partners.

These workshops and trainings can take place either online, in-person or in a hybrid format.

CEUs offered for teacher participation.



A space for community members to convene and participate in a facilitated design thinking process in order to define, brainstorm and create potential solutions to complex problems, which can then be tested for further feedback and consideration.



Our online toolbox of educational resources features inspirational artifacts, documentation and helpful tools from the work of Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences’ teachers and students with a menu that includes:

  • On Demand Videos depicting “Stories from the Classroom”
  • On Demand Classes created by classroom teachers, exploring innovative best practices and topics of interest
  • A Library of Published Resources featuring books and games created by classroom teachers and students

This Toolbox will also contain work produced in collaboration with our CoLab Partners; as well as links to other educational programs that serve as sources of innovation and inspiration.