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Exploration Camps (ages 10-15+)

Arts & Sciences offers fun and affordable summer camps that embody our school culture of honoring the whole child – cognitive, social, and emotional development. Camps are led by experienced teachers and groups are divided by age. Camp activities are uniquely designed to meet the abilities and interests of each age group to foster a memorable summer camp experience.

CAMP TIMES: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Beforecare (8:30am – 9:00am) is available for an additional charge.

COST: Exploration camps are $265 per week. NOTE: Some Exploration camps have an additional activity fee.  CYFD subsidies accepted. Apply online for Financial Aid.

Week 1 (A) – In the Artist’s Studio

June 28 – July 2

In this camp we will explore a wide variety of mediums, including sculpture, watercolor, collage, and drawing. Students will get an introduction to the practice of life-drawing and portraiture, the basis of any artist’s technique, as well as many imaginative and fun projects. Invite friends and family to your first virtual gallery opening on the last day of camp.

Week 1 (B) – Basketball

June 28 – July 2

Come one, come all, to learn about and have fun playing basketball!  All skill levels are welcome. We will focus on dribbling, passing and shooting drills & games; learning a brief history of basketball and studying famous players, improving individual skills and learning how to be a team player; and scrimmaging on the court to maximize playing time. Basketball camp will provide a safe and competitive-free environment where we can all have fun and learn together!

Week 2 (A) – Stop Motion Animation


Please register online if you would like to be on a waitlist

Camp Cost: $285 ($20 activity fee)

July 5 – July 9

START Learning STOP Motion Animation! Have you ever wondered how Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox or Spirited Away were made? In one short week you will learn the techniques common to all stop motion animations and create your own. Students will make movies using techniques including drawing, claymation, and toy animation.  Develop your storytelling and digital skills while learning how to animate your imagination. No prior computer skills necessary, but this camp does include long periods of focused computer work.


Week 2 (B) – Crafters’ Workshop

July 5 – July 9

Celebrate the resurgence of artisanal crafting, creating with your hands.  We will have our own “maker space” for learning the basics of some traditional activities like embroidery, quilting, beading, knitting, crocheting or macrame.  Over the week you will choose to work on three things:  one using fabric and hand sewing, one with beading, and one with thread/yarn/string.  Enjoy the meditative aspects of repetitive work, as your projects gradually develop and come to fruition.  Slow down and escape the screens we have been so attached to of late!


Week 3 (A) – Japan Camp


Please register online if you would like to be on a waitlist

July 12 – July 16

Nihon e Youkoso – Welcome to Japan! In this camp we will take a deep dive into Japan and Japanese culture. Students will get a chance to learn language, calligraphy, and origami, as well as watch anime, learn how to draw in a Japanese style, and create cosplay of their favorite characters! 


Week 3 (B) – The Art of Podcasting

July 12 – July 16

Fancy yourself a storyteller in the digital age? Then Podcasting is the thing for you. Learn to write, record, edit, and ultimately create your own auditory world, a.k.a., a Podcast. Be it fiction or nonfiction, the choice is yours, and the topics are endless. The only materials you’ll need are your imagination and a willingness to explore. 



Week 4 – Moving Images


Please register online if you would like to be on a waitlist

Camp Cost: $285 ($20 activity fee)

July 19 -July 23

Calling all film buffs! Have you ever wanted to star in a movie or be the one behind the camera? This week we will go through the process of scripting, filming, directing, and editing a movie using the same techniques and software as Hollywood blockbusters. Be prepared to focus hard and become a real professional film crew for a week. Get ready to walk the red carpet on Friday when we share our creations at our camp film festival!


Week 4 – Batter Up!

Campers going into 3rd-6th Grade ONLY

July 19 – July 23

There may be no better way to spend a summer day than playing baseball with your friends. In this camp, inspired by an American pastime, campers will learn basic skills, field layout and rules, and different school-yard versions of the game. We will talk about the evolution of baseball and create unique games of our own! Our very own teacher, Joseph Smith, is excited to share one of his favorite sports with you and have some summertime fun!


Week 5 – Menagerie Creature Creation


July 26 – July 30

By Invitation Only: Reserved camp.  For students entering 7th grade+.

The Menagerie Creature Creation camp is a week-long investigation into the natural world. We will learn about our own world through study of the biology and ecology of our local flora and fauna, and let it inspire our imagination to create new worlds. Through art, costume building, storytelling, creative movement, and roleplay, we will design magical creatures and build the worlds around them. This camp will feed into the Menagerie Fleet Academy, and it is recommended but not required that students who will attend that camp come to this one first.


Week 6 – Menagerie Fleet Academy


Camp Cost: $295 ($30 activity fee applied)

August 2 – August 6


By Invitation Only: Reserved camp for kids who have previously played a Menagerie Fleet D&D game.  For students entering 7th grade+.

Welcome to the Menagerie Fleet! Students who attend this week-long camp will be introduced to the Menagerie system of Live-Action Roleplaying, or LARPing. In this game, each player will create a character and attend the Cadet Academy training program, where they will take classes in Magic, Astrozoology, Combat, Galactic History, and more! Upon graduation, Menagerie cadets will have all the skills they need to become interdimensional agents of the Menagerie Fleet – a highly trained force of magical scientists and conservationists who travel the universe rescuing creatures in need.

This game is designed for middle and high school age students to build interpersonal and problem solving skills, gain self-confidence, and learn to work as a team. Along with playing the game, students will also learn roleplay skills such as how to communicate effectively and set boundaries, as well as building costumes, props, and kid-safe foam weapons.


Week 7 – Math Mindset

Coming Soon

Math Mindsets will focus on doing math problems that reveal the beauty, creativity, and freedom of math. Campers will work in small groups with each other to develop a positive attitude and growth mindset toward mathematics. We will use resources from YouCubed and Jo Boaler at Stanford University that emphasize visualization, pattern finding, and critical thinking while learning algebra. By working together, making conjectures, and defending our ideas, we will develop a positive community of mathematicians in preparation for middle or high school algebra classes.



Online Dungeons & Dragons Quest

Quest Cost: $130 per quest.  Each quest is a 6 week session.

Students can sign up for Tuesdays (Quest 1) and/or Wednesdays (Quest 2),

Quest 1: Tuesdays, June 15 – July 20, 4:30pm-6:00pm

Quest 2: Wednesdays, June 16 – July 21, 4:30pm-6:00pm

Arin’s Dungeons and Dragons games are returning for the summer, for students going into 6th grade and up! Join the quest as a character in an epic adventure with Arin and other students over zoom each week. Students will learn the basics of the game, build teamwork and communication skills, and step into the world of the Menagerie Fleet – a special force of magical scientists and conservationists who travel the universe rescuing creatures in need.