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Shadow Day Request Form

Please fill out the following information in order to schedule a shadow day for your child.
Preferred pronouns (optional)
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Please sign in at Underhill, our main office.
Arrival time is 8:20am. Pickup time is 3:30pm.
Please list some of your child's academic interests, extracurricular activities, and/or hobbies. This will help us pair your child with one of our student ambassadors.
Please list all the phone numbers you can be reached at during the day that your child is shadowing at our school.
Please list the email address that you would like us to use to contact you.
Please list the name of someone we can contact in the case of an emergency if we are unable to reach you.
Please list any allergies your child has that we need to know about.
Please list any health information we need to be aware of, or if there are any medications your child needs to take while on our campus.