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Ren Fair – September 14 & 15!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Renaissance Fair is around the corner and we need your help to support our annual fundraising & community event.

Every September, our school partners with El Rancho de las Golondrinas to host kids games for the Renaissance Fair. This event is an essential fundraiser for our school and is only possible with everyone’s participation and enthusiasm! Last year, we raised over $15,000 for classroom supplies and campus repairs/maintenance, neither of which is fully covered by tuition and fees.

Both parents & students are welcome and encouraged to volunteer!

So come and travel with the fairies to their enchanted village, cheer on the jousting knights, laugh with Clan Tynker, play in the kids game area, and have fun with the whole family!

For more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Cynthia DelBello at cynthia@santafeschool.org or (206) 790-6052.

Parent & Student Handbooks

For your reference, please see the Parent & Student Handbooks for information on school and classroom policies.

Back to School Fees

Two easy ways to pay: online payment or mail a check to the school office.


Due August 15, 2019







Grades 1 – 2


Grades 3 – 4


Grades 5 – 6


Grades 7 – 8









Field Trip











Unicorn Snack

















Description of Fees

Yearbook Fee: Our beautiful full color yearbook includes memories of all students from the whole school year and will be given to students at the end of May.

Field Trip Fee: Field Trips are an integral part of our Expeditionary Learning curriculum. Field trip fees are different for each class based on the frequency and quantity of field trips per year.

Technology Fee: for 3rd-8th Grades only
It is important for our school to make essential investments in technology infrastructure and support. We are taking important steps in improving our network, boosting connectivity, and securing the IT expertise needed for our 21st century approach to curriculum and learning.

Unicorn Snack Fee: For Preschool/Pre-K only
The snack fee covers a healthy snack every morning for all students in the Unicorn classroom. Our morning snack is purchased and prepared by our classroom teachers. This fee is due annually; if you need to arrange a different payment plan, please contact our office.


We encourage families to connect with each other to arrange for carpooling. Provide your contact and carpool information on the Carpool Connect Form, then access other families’ information on the Carpool Connect Spreadsheet.



Middle School/Badger Wednesday Lunch Sign Up
Sign up your 5th through 8th Grade student for our Wednesday Lunches. All proceeds support the annual 8th Grade Overseas Trip. You can sign up your student for weekly lunches, and you can also sign up to donate a lunch to contribute to this fundraising effort.

Click here for other lunch offerings for K-8th!